Leslie Fossler is an Austin, Texas interior designer with over 30 years of commercial and residential design experience. Her ability to translate Client's goals in to relevant concepts has earned Leslie a long list of repeat clients and lasting friendships.

Leslie is passionate about design and the creative process. She is invested in the advancement of interior design education and accreditation at the University level and is a dedicated Board member of the Metropolitan YMCA of Austin.

She is registered and licensed and actively promotes professional collaboration with clients, consultants and colleagues with evident success.


"Be curious …and the opportunity to produce exceptional design will result."


Imagination, curiosity and creativity guide our explorations of interior design. Collaboration with architects, developers, artists and resource partners help blur the lines between the impossible and the practical. This is our playground.

At LFI, our approach is refined and sensible, but never too far from whimsical and memorable. Unique design is the result of a little quirkiness, practicality, drama and invention.


-Registered Interior Designer of Texas (RID)- 1980 to present

-Austin Womens Symphony League Design Showhouse (1983, 1993, 2012)

-YMCA of Austin Metropolitan Board of Directors- 1995 to present

-Council for Interior Design Association (CIDA)- 1993 to present

-Texas Association for Interior Design (TAID)- 1980 to present

-International Interior Design Association (IIDA)-1980 to present